Allan Rosenthal


Marriage & Family Therapist

Licence #6553

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Allan Rosenthal, M.A., MFT has been in private practice for over 20 years and involved with A Course in Miracles® since 1978. He is an inspiring and passionate lecturer/teacher of the Course, founder and executive director of A Gathering of Miracles®, founder ofCocaine Anonymous and executive producer/host of Journey Within® cable TV show. His sincere commitment is to assist others on their journey without distance towards growth and healing. Allan emphasizes the relinquishment of fear, the practice of forgiveness and the acceptance of love as a means for achieving peace of mind. He firmly believes all pain is some form of unresolved fear and all inner healing is a genuine gift of forgiveness and love to oneself and the universe. People often seek out Allan's services who have previously been involved in personal therapy, self-help groups, 12-step programs and seminars or retreats focusing on transformation and growth. Through these experiences, a person may receive a wealth of information about oneself and yet still fell "stuck" when applying this information in his/her everyday life. Allan is a gentle, compassionate and stimulating therapist with a great respect for the courage and commitment required to look at one's painful/fear-based thoughts and feelings. Allan's mindful insights, spiritual wisdom, love and strength are profoundly healing and transforming.
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