Allan Rosenthal


Marriage & Family Therapist

Licence #6553

Spiritual Psychotherapy

Spiritual Psychotherapy

"Love Brings Up Everything Unlike Itself For The Purpose of Healing"

By blending psychotherapy with the profound spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles® and other metaphysical ideas, unlimited possibilities are made available to achieve love, wholeness, connectedness and peace of mind. Discover how your relationship with the Divine affects every relationship in your life. Experience miracles as the natural outcome of following your inner wisdom by practicing authentic inner listening. Learn to trust in yourself and your ability to heal. With a little willingness, honest commitment, gentle guidance and self awareness there is nothing you cannot accomplish or overcome. A Course in Miracles® reminds us, "Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love." (ACIM T/1.I.3:1). Learn to truly accept yourself, thereby experiencing the loving kindness always being offered to you by others and by your Spiritual Creator Source/Higher Power.

What is Spiritual Psychotherapy?

"Every Time You Let Go Of Something Limiting, you Create The Space For Something Better."

Stephen Paul, "Illuminations"

Spiritual Psychotherapy is a path of personal exploration which can lead to profound transformation and inner peace. It incorporates the principles of A Course in Miracles® as well as other sacred thought systems and metaphysical ideas combined with various psychotherapeutic tools. The goal is to help one to discover that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Healing comes when we are able to accept ourselves and others, just as we are, with unconditional appreciation, gratefulness, and compassion.

How Can Psychotherapy Assist You In Realizing Your Full Potential?

As human beings, it is important to acknowledge we all have one thing in common, and that is our desire to live a fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life. We all need to be loved and to express our love. Most people would like to be healthier, happier and more fully alive. What is it that prevents some of us from experiencing more of what we say we want out of life? Alan suggest that the world reflects what we want to see, not necessarily the truth or reality of what we experience moment to moment. Spiritual Psychotherapy can assist you in becoming "all that you truly are" through embracing forgiveness and love. Allan acknowledges that releasing our fears can be a frightening, painful experience, especially if they are based on old and familiar behavior and thought patterns. He empathizes that forgiveness is the foundation for the healing process. Only by our willingness to release any unloving thoughts and experiences can we come to know our natural, loving self and achieve peace of mind. As we heal the wounds in our hearts, we carry less pain into the world. Therefore, we experience less confusion and anger, as well as, a greater sense of clarity and peace. Our efforts to heal are not simply for personal gain. It becomes our gift to humankind, to the planet and to the divine spirit within us all. Simply put, this is freedom. Will you choose love or fear, for only one is real? The choice is always yours to make each moment of every day.

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